Balancing A real world storefront with an online presence

Technology and the birth of the internet in a world of commerce has drastically changed how we go out and buy things. and order pretty much everything you need to live on a daily basis. From food to tech, to utilities and other services, everything is available online. While this new era of convenience is beneficial in many ways, it has some pitfalls. Many medium to small business owners may not have the marketing budgets that larger business’s do. With that being said, you tend to have a lot of business owners who spend too much time on only one aspect of their business, i.e. (if they focus on their in person storefront, then their online presence can suffer and vice versa.) With the ever advancing age of the internet it’s easy to get left behind, or to simply not even know how to achieve optimal marketing for your business in an online manner.

What if there was a company that could offer you a full marketing suite for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time marketing representative? Mobiz Media® is A local Bay Area Business based out of the Tri-valley. Mobiz Media offers full marketing suites which include mass email marketing, website development, marketing strategies, and so much more. Mobiz also partners with Bay Area Wedding Fairs to give you the opportunity to meet 500-1000 brides at one of their wedding fairs. When it comes to marketing as a small business, you need to be in as many places as possible to spread your name and generate leads. Mobiz can help bring your business to new heights. For more information on how Mobiz can help you please email