Millennials and Marriage

If you are born between the 1990s and 2004 your a millenial. Marriage is a huge part of our general human existince. Right now millenials are becoming of age to get married. With how connected we have become as humans as well as how easy it is to basically understand who people are before we even meet them, a common dillema starts to arise. Are the standards of a relationship as genuine as they were before the age of the internet? It really is hard to tell. While it’s easy to make a post online glorifying your supposed perfect relationship, it’s another story when it comes to putting the phone down and having a genuine connetion. The average american over 18 spends more than two hours and 51 minutes on their mobile phones every day, thats almost 86 hours a month. When do we say enough is enough and put the phone down and actually look up? At the rate we are going who really knows. Here in the Bay Area we are more into our phones and the internet than a lot of the world.. when it comes to keeping marriage as traditional and genuine as possible it’s pretty difficult when we always want to update our status’. However there are still a large amount of millennials saying I do and getting eloped the old fashioned way. Here at Bay Area Wedding Fairs we like to keep it original and personal. While we do heavily rely on technology and social media to organize our events, when it comes to the day where we hold a fair, we hold a personal connection on the highest pedestal. Nothing is more impactful than an in-person interaction. So put your phone down and come and see how we can make wedding planning a happy, fun filled, and memorable experience. Asceph Masody, Bay Area Wedding Fairs.