Summer Time Wedding Season Is Among Us!

The summer wedding season is here and planning the perfect wedding is always a top priority to make the big day all the more special. The afternoon heat in the bay area sometimes causes inconveniences when it comes to running errands or attending events for too long. How do we get around the heat out here in the Bay? It’s simple, take advantage of the warm summer nights and attend events later in the day. It’s much more enjoyable and we get sunlight as late as 9pm some nights. Here at Bay Area Wedding Fairs we host our fairs in seasons to help best accommodate brides and grooms schedule’s as well as weather. Right now Bay Area Wedding Fairs is entering it’s summer season with our first show on July 23rd at the Concord Crowne Plaza Hotel. During our summer season we like to host our fairs from 3pm to 7pm, this time of day sets a different mood to our wedding fairs which is truly unique. Just like all our Wedding Fairs, the Concord Fair will have an elegant fashion show, displaying fashionable dresses and tuxedo’s, and multiple prize giveaways, whats great is this fashion show will take place in a large air conditioned and beautifully constructed atrium. The atrium gives off a very relaxed and enjoyable vibe that everyone is sure to enjoy. There is less than 3 weeks left until our Concord Show, if you would like to attend, please register before purchasing tickets.